Raging River Capital: It's About Time for a Change at Taseko

2016-05-02 16:33:12

The proxy battle between mid-cap copper producer, Taseko Mines, and activist shareholders, Raging River Capital is getting heated. The shareholders have released a restructuring plan that includes simplifying Taseko’s strategy, stopping investments in risky development projects and evaluating its relationship with one of its contractors, Hunter Dickinson. Raging River is accusing Taseko’s CEO and Vice President of Corporate Affairs of insider trading and having conflicting interests with Hunter Dickinson. Raging river is also accusing Taseko of mismanagement as it has underperformed its peers over the last 5 years, losing about 95 percent of its market capitalization. Paul Blythe, Founder, Raging River Capital speaks with Bloomberg TV Canada’s Rudyard Griffiths.


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